Azul Village

Hi, my name is Summer Azul. I’m a mom, an actress, a spiritual leader and Humanitarian. For the past year I’ve helped hundreds of people buy land, build homes and grow their own food. I’ve done this using my own money, knowledge and time. I enjoy helping others. I have built several private off grid communities and taught people how to be self sufficient.

Although I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and other medical conditions that cause pain and prevents me from being active on most days, I am still out there working hard on any day that I am well enough to work. I have had dozens of volunteers assist me in making my vision come to fruition.

Now that I’ve helped so many others buy land and live life off grid, I’d like to do the same for myself and my family. By donating to this Go Fund me, you will allow me to purchase new land for my AzulArmy nonprofit organization and build a healing space for the public to enjoy. I will offer classes and workshops for people who’d like to learn how to grow their own food and build things. I would like to build new camp grounds and off grid tiny homes for the public to enjoy the experience and become accustom to a new healthy and spiritual lifestyle.

Please help me create this magical place with a loving environment for all.-

Summer Azul

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